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In-fighting has disrupted coalition unity: MRM

  • Nadira said that leaders should focus on making the ‘hopes of the people a reality’

Shan Anees

K. Male' 2019 Apr 02 | Tue 11:32 2,118 local

Aminath Nadira speaking to RaajjeTV on Monday night - RaajjeMV

In-fighting among partners over the upcoming parliamentary elections is keeping the government coalition from functioning as it should it, the Maumoon Reform Movement’s Aminath Nadira has said.

Nadira, deputy president of the ‘movement’, said this while speaking with RaajjeTV on Monday night, adding that once the election is finished, the coalition will be united.

Nadira spoke against said discord and said that leaders should focus on making the ‘hopes of the people a reality’, and not on ‘disappointing’ them.

She further said in Monday’s interview that forming alliances with ‘oppressors’ is unacceptable, referring to the government coalition partner Jumhooree Party’s decision to endorse candidates from the opposition ‘Progressive Coalition’.

The ‘Progressive Coalition’ is the name of the union between former ruling party Progressive Party of Maldives, and the newly formed People’s National Congress, both parties loyal to former president Abdulla Yameen.

The Jumhooree Party made their alliance with the Progressive Coalition after the Maldivian Democratic Party announced their decision to field candidates to all but one of 87 constituencies in the upcoming election.

The party said that the Maldivian Democratic Party had done so against a standing agreement between members of the coalition about dividing constituencies among them.

Nadira is also running for parliament, contesting the south Galolhu seat against a candidate from the Maldivian Democratic Party.

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