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Protest held calling for removal of ACC members

  • Lawyer Shunana said that the ACC members have failed to properly investigate cases of corruption

Humaam Ali

K. Male' 2019 Feb 16 | Sat 06:55 773 local

Protesters on Friday evening - Raajjemv

A protest has been held in capital Male’ on Friday, calling for the removal of Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) members.

Lawyer Mariyam Shunana, who led the protest, said that the ACC members have failed to properly investigate cases of corruption.

This comes after ACC publicized its investigative report of the embezzlement scandal involving Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), which saw over a billion US dollars stolen from the state during President Abdulla Yameen’s administration.

The report has been criticized for coming out so late and for being incomplete. Protestors called on ACC to release the names of everyone suspected in the MMPRC scandal.

Shunana said that the behavior of ACC members show that they are biased, adding that they should be arrested ‘immediately.’

She highlighted that the ACC members themselves have been accused of being involved in corruption in the last five years, during the Yameen administration.

She cited former auditor general Niyaz Ibrahim saying that ACC members are also involved in the MMPRC case and said that therefore, their words cannot be trusted.

She said that the MPs should summon the members to the parliament committee and hold them accountable.

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