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TfG's 'Wow Kidz Run' to be held in May

  • TFG is hosting "Wow Kidz Run" on 5th May in partnership with BML
  • They have added 100 more spots to each age group: total 900 spots available this year
  • BML introduced an online portal for fundraising

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CEO of TfG Zinan and Saeed from BML with Wow Kidz Run participants - BML

Total Fitness Group (TfG), is hosting “Wow Kidz Run” on 5th May in partnership with Bank of Maldives (BML).

While speaking to the media on Saturday, TfG’s CEO Hussain Zinan highlighted that the purpose of this run is for parents to have the opportunity to enjoy a race with their children.

Age groups have been divided into three categories; Ages 3 to 5, 5 to 7 and 7 to 9, and he mentioned that they have added 100 more spots to each age group this year, so there will be 900 spots available in total. 

Zinan said that this year’s “Wow Kidz Run” is dedicated to the charity organization, Care Society, and that they will be donating 15% of the registration money to the organization. He also requested people not to wait till last minute and to start registering as soon as online application is open on their website from 6:00 pm onwards today.

“Payments can also be made online through bank transfer”, added Zinaan.

Registration will continue until spots fill out or 3rd May. Zinaan said that more details on registration, running routes, aid stations and activities after the race will be shared on TfG’s Facebook page as well as BML’s social media.

Furthermore, BML’s Events and Public Relations Manager, Mohamed Saeed talked about the portal that is being introduced in which any child registering through the portal will automatically have a page for fundraising. Saeed said that each participant will have the opportunity to collect up to 2000 Rufiya through the portal. The main purpose of it is to deliver funds to Care Society, as they will be using it for important causes. More information can be found on BML’s, as well as TfG’s website.

As shown in a short video clip advertized by BML, the information provided about the parent and child in the initial registration will be collected for a profile. The parents will be informed once the profile is activated and the fund-raising can begin then. Any amount between MVR 50 to 500 can be donated by family, friends and loved ones.

It is the third consecutive year for the Kidz Run organized by TfG.

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