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Commandant of taxi drivers: A teenage girl

  • She is the reason for the boost of a business that started out small
  • Spent three years in the field
  • Aged only sixteen

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The teenage 'commander of taxis' - Hussain Hassaan

Named Aishath Afa Izzath, commonly known as Afa aged at sweet 16 and the controller of the land transportation in a city closely populated with 4,000 people. Her job is to command the drivers at a taxi center in GA. Villigli known as “Ratu Taxi”. Finding passengers and paving way for drivers to conquer trips is Afa’s job. The daily dilemmas within the center is not only fixed by Afa, she communicates with the taxi drivers for the progress of the work ambiance as well. The most amazing part is not only knowing how she conducts her work with efficiency, being a girl, but knowing how extraordinarily she handles it. She works day and night, she is quite a gem of a leader.

“If it wasn’t for me, there would be no progress here. As well as being a commander, I handle all the documents of the center as well” Afa claims with full confidence.

“Ratu Taxi” where Afa works, was founded under a line of family business. The young girl took the accountability of managing the center which operates with five cars, three years ago. Back then she was also studying in the GA atoll education center. Being the only one within the six members of her family to reside in the island, the responsibility of the center was given to her by elder brother, Ahmed Riyaz who was an important pillar in the founding of the taxi business.

When Afa started upon the request of her brother, the business was still at beginner’s phase. Many people had not even heard of the taxi center and it had not been brought under the limelight yet. Now, with Afa’s persistent hard work, it has become an inclusive business. “Ratu Taxi” has become popular and the most favored taxi center among people who visit the capital of GA atoll, Villigili Island. Afa remains a major pillar in helping a business that started out small to reach the heights of triumph.

Maintaining the responsibilities of a taxi center on a daily basis is not seen as an easy job being the only person who has to hear daily complaints and bring a solution to all the problems within the center.

In Afa’s words, “Daily meetings are being held regularly, queries are made every day to find out the problems taxi drivers face, sales are being elevated, discussions are underway to be able to attain more trips throughout the day”

Running a taxi center while still studying is easier said than done but fortunately with the help of other members of the family, Afa is able to focus on her studies as well. At times, it’s her mother who extends a helping hand, at other times it is family members visiting the island during the holiday season who take some of the responsibilities off her shoulders.

What’s unique about Afa is that she doesn’t absorb herself into so much of one thing, rather she involves herself in different tasks. Afa finished her secondary education last year with a pleasant grade. With a pass in every subject, Afa is getting ready to travel to capital Male’ city by the month of March for higher studies.

“I’ll pursue my studies next after handing over the duties of the center to someone else” says Afa.

Unvarying encouragement from her family paves way for her to exert the best of her efforts into making the center that of a success, especially her mother, Fathmath Fauziyya’s endless support.

“Even if she receives a call at midnight, she works to find a driver to take that trip, she is very efficient in this line of work” a proud mother, Fauziyya says.

In her mother’s words, Afa handles everything down to the end of the day when the taxi’s need to be parked. “After the taxis have been parked in the garage, Afa takes charge of the key to the garage and before going to sleep. She’s a strong, ambitious girl” her mother says.

At adolescence, Afa has proved to the world that women are resilient in whatever work they put their heart to. All that is needed is strength to endure anything and the courage to face anything. If it is something that one is doing with passion and attentiveness, the road to success is within arm’s length. The land transportation of an island in the hands of a teenager has proved to be startlingly fruitful. Afa’s message to young girls is not to give up on the road to success no matter what obstacles face them.

“Do what you love. Never give up. You can achieve everything. Not only boys can accomplish things, but we too can achieve high”

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