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New wins over Green Street, with goal from Ashfaq

  • Green Streets failed to convert chances
  • Lost a penalty opportunity
  • New won 1-0

Rushdha Rasheed

K. Male' 2017 Aug 19 | Sat 00:15 1,215 sport

Ali Ashfaq celebrates after win - Mohamed Sharuhaan

New Radiant Sports Club has won match against Green Street, with a goal from Ali Ashfaq.

The match played on Friday evening was won by one goal to nil.

New Radiant had dominated the first half with well-placed attacks on Green Street side. They were able to convert a pass from Green Street’s Ifas to a goal by Ashfaq in the 42nd minute.

New Radiant continued to dominate the second half. However, in the latter part of the half, Green Street improved their performance, putting New Radiant’s lead at risk.



However, the penalty the team earned in the half was declared an off-side goal by the referee.

Speaking after the match, New Radiant’s Adam Abdul Latheef said the team had one goal; to ensure they got three points. He said it was possible for all players to showcase their full quality and win matches.

Green Street’s coach Mohamed Soba said Ashfaq’s goal was a gift for the player from the team. He highlighted that their players had bounced back from a weak start. He added that he had to check the replay of the off-side penalty prior to making a statement on it.

New Radiant is placed third on the league table, with six points. Green Street is placed second also with six points but with goal advantage.

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