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02 Aug 2021 | Mon 12:36
(File photo) Former President Abdulla Yameen
(File photo) Former President Abdulla Yameen
Yoosuf Sofwan Rasheed
Ahmed Rilwan's murder investigation
Maldives ex-president to be questioned in journalist's murder probe
Former President Yameen has been summoned by the commission on disappearances and deaths (DDCom)
Rilwan was last seen boarding a ferry to Hulhumale’ on 8 August 2014
While police only confirmed his abduction two years later, DDCom has since revealed that the journalist was killed by an extremist group

Former President Abdulla Yameen has been summoned to the Presidential Commission on Disappearances and Deaths (DDCom), to be questioned over the 2014 disappearance and death of journalist Ahmed Rilwan.

While Yameen, sentenced to five years in prison but currently under house arrest, has been asked to present himself for questioning on 3 August, DDCom member Misbah Abbas confirmed to RaajjeMV that he is to be questioned in the investigation into the journalist's murder.

The former president's defence lawyer and his running mate in the 2013 presidential elections who was later impeached as vice president through parliament, Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed claimed that this is an effort to cover DDCom's failures following pressure from the public.

He further said that his client is being used as a fall guy and that the incumbent administration aims to oppress Yameen in 'every possible way'.

While Rilwan was last seen purchasing a ticket to the Hulhumalé ferry from Malé on 8 August 2014, police confirmed his abduction two years later in 2016.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih formed the commission on disappearances and deaths shortly after assuming office in November 2018; the commission had announced investigations into over 20 murders and disappearances.

The commission has since revealed links to the journalist's death to two other high-profile murders in recent history. This includes the 2012 murder of lawmaker Dr. Afrasheem Ali and the 2017 stabbing of blogger and Rilwan's close friend, Yameen Rasheed.

Back in September 2019, DDCom confirmed that Rilwan was killed by an unidentified extremist group who dumped his body into the sea.

The commission has called for public assistance in acquiring information relating to the knife found outside Rilwan's apartment building, dropped by his attackers during abduction; MVR 500,000 incentive is being offered for information on the stainless steel 'Saekodive' brand knife.

Further, DDCom released a reenacted video of the abduction back in July, appealing to the public once again, to come forward with any information relating to the journalist's abduction and subsequent murder.

Two of the men accused of abducting Rilwan was acquitted in 2018; one of these suspects is the owner of the red car believed to have been used to abduct the journalist, with investigators saying that DNA analysis of hairs lifted from the trunk of the car matched that of Rilwan’s mother.

A foreign expert recently joined the investigation into Rilwan's murder.

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