Beach cleaning in B.Goidhoo

A cleaning event was held by 'Plastic Noon Gotheh' and Olive Guesthouse in Goidhoo, for a cleaner beach


Approximately 150 meters of the beach was cleaned. Photo: Ashwa Faheem

16 children, six parents and two staffs of the guesthouse in the island participated in the cleaning event. Photo: Ashwa Faheem

The team has revealed a four year plan with Goidhoo school to conduct frequent beach cleaning programmes in the island. Photo: Ashwa Faheem

Majority of the waste collected were of plastic bottles, plastic bags and nylon ropes. Photo: Ashwa Faheem

'Plastic Noon Gotheh' and Olive Guesthouse in Goidhoo plans to extend the cleaning project events to other islands in the near future. Photo: Ashwa Faheem