Shalabee to release his first-ever original song on Sat.

  • Titled "Aadheys", Shalabee's team describes the song as "a depression love story"
  • The music video for the song will be premiered on Saturday as well
  • Fans are to expect a "surprise" in the video

K. Male' | Aishath Shaany | 09-May-2017 | Tuesday 17:54 | Shaaknee | Entertainment | 2,109

Shalabee's new song, Aadheys is to be released on Saturday night -- Photo by: twitter

The wait is over! Shalabee Ibrahim is all set to release his first original song, along with its official music video.

Titled “Aadheys”- which translates to “plea”- the song will be released on Saturday, May 13. Shalabee’s team is to release a short teaser for the video song on Friday.

The final poster for the song was released on Monday night.

Speaking to RaajjeMV on Tuesday, Shalabee’s manager Shafeeg “Sappe” Ali described the song as “a depressing love story”.

Written and produced by Shalabee’s band, House of Music, “the song will be very different from what the fans have heard from Shalabee so far”, said Shafeeg.

The video features Shalabee, his band, with model Sham-ath Ibrahim as the lead actress.

"The video was shot over three months, which is as long it takes to shoot a movie. The whole video was shot inside a godown in Malé, which was transformed into a set", said Shafeeg.

Shafeeg added that they had put in a lot of work to make sure the fans enjoy the song, adding that the fans can expect a surprise in the video.

Although he had dabbled in the music industry before, Shalabee became a household name in 2016, after competing in the first season of Maldivian Idol. Despite not winning the title, the 20-year-old is arguably the most successful artist to come out of the show.

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