Special event held to call for Justice for Yameen

  • Yameen’s mother, family members participated
  • Petition to Parliament circulated for signatures
  • Letter to CP circulated for signatures

K. Male' | 29-April-2017 | Saturday 04:55 | Local | 1,300

From the memorial event held for Yameen Rasheed -- Photo by: Raajjemv

A special event was held Friday evening calling for justice for slain writer Yameen Rasheed.

Yameen was murdered on the 23rd of this month. Police had already confirmed two suspects in connection to the murder, but an arrest is yet to be made.

The event, carried out by friends and family of Yameen, was held in Artificial Beach. A petition to the Parliament and a letter to the Commissioner of Police were circulated for signatures.

Notably, family members of missing journalist Ahmed Rilwan, had also participated in the event.

Speaking to RaajjeTV, Ahmed Rilwan’s father said that he did not believe that justice can ever be found for either Yameen or Rilwan.

Former Vice President of Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) and senior figure in Transparency Maldives, Ahmed Tholal said that he did not see relevant state bodies doing much over the case. He added that this was the same status when Yameen was alive and when he had reported the death threats made against him.

Tholal urged the society to rise up together in order to prevent senseless murder, enforced abductions and attacks on individuals.

The same sentiments were echoed by former head of Police Integrity Commission and senior figure at Democracy Network Shahindha Ismail. Shahindha said the relevant state bodies are yet to take action on Yameen’s murder.

“I do not believe that Police had found Yameen’s murderers. That’s not clear from the press conference held that day. Even their identities are not clear,” Shahindha said.

The event was concluded with a moment of silence. The moment was observed by the participants and Parliamentarians and politicians.

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