Yameen Rasheed's family hopes authorities will ensure justice

  • A statement from the family asked authorities to guarantee those that are responsible for his assassination face justice
  • The family said he had reported multiple death threats to the police, along with evidence
  • The family called on the police to enlist assistance from reputable international investigative organizations

K. Male' | Shan Anees | 25-April-2017 | Tuesday 14:17 | twitter | Local | 756

Yameen Rasheed (c) standing next to Ahmed Rilwan's mother at demonstration calling for speedy results in his disappeance -- Photo by: twitter

Pro-democracy activist and writer Yameen Rasheed’s family has said they hope the authorities will do everything in their capacity to ensure justice for his death.

Yameen’s family released a statement on Monday which asked investigative and prosecution authorities as well as the government to guarantee those that are responsible for his assassination face justice, despite failing to ensure his safety when he was alive.

He had reported multiple death threats to the police, screenshots of which he had posted online some time before his murder.

The statement says that Yameen had shared every threat he had received either online or offline, and that he officially reported one with the Maldives Police Service on 22nd December last year.

It further noted that Yameen also submitted evidence along with threats, which had several senders who had threatened him so openly as to do it through their personal accounts.

Further, the family called on the police to enlist assistance from international investigative bodies, adding that it believes that a trustable investigation can be best conducted under these circumstances.

The family had also expressed concern over lack of prosecution for those responsible for the abduction of Ahmed Rilwan in 2014 and the murder of MP Afraasheem Ali in 2012. They said 'the imputinity' caused such violent crimes to increase.

Yameen was found fatally wounded in the stairwell to his home early Sunday morning, at around 2:56. The writer had been stabbed over 14 times in the chest, head and neck.

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