Social media activist Yaamyn Rasheed murdered

  • Murder reported around 0259hrs
  • Body currently in IGMH
  • Previously recieved death threats

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 23-April-2017 | Sunday 15:15 | rushdhar | Local | 3,383

Social media activist Yaamyn Rasheed -- Photo by: twitter

Social media activist Yaamyn Rasheed has been murdered.

The 29-year old was discovered at around 0259hrs on Sunday. He passed away while receiving treatment in Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

Police media official reported that the case was filed with the agency at around 0259hrs near Bisburu area. They report that there were several stab wounds on his body. Yaamyn's father, Hussain Rasheed, reported that 14 stabs were on his chest, one each on his neck and throat.

It has been reported that Yaamyn had recieved multiple death threats, all which had been filed with the Police. A close friend of missing journalist, Ahmed Rilwan, Yaamyn had been a strong voice calling out to investigate the journalist's abduction, since August 8, 2014.



Yaamyn is the editor in chief of The Daily Panic, an investigative and sarcastic look into the weekly political and social issues in the country. His indepth look into Rilwan's abduction has been pinned to his twitter account.



His last tweet was that of a red balloon.



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