Maziya departs to Calcutta for clash against Mohan Bagan

  • Clash on Wednesday
  • Maziya lost one match, won the other
  • Mohan Bagan defeated Valencia in AFC playoffs

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 18-April-2017 | Tuesday 01:31 | rushdhar | Sport | 768

Maziya vs Mohan Bagan -- Photo by: Facebook

Maziya Sports and Recreation Club has departed to Calcutta, India for the group stages of the AFC Cup.

The team departed on Monday and is scheduled to play against Mohan Bagan on Wednesday.

Maziya had won one out of the two matches in the Cup, with a defeat in the other match.

Bangalore FC leads the table in the Maziya’s group. Mohan Bagan claims second place, followed by Maziya – both teams had scored the same amount of points. Bangladeshi side Abani Limited is at the bottom on the table.

Maziya has the opportunity to go to the second round, having won against New Radiant in the last league match. Maziya coach added that this was an advantage for the team.

Mohan Bagan had played against local side Valencia in the playoffs. In the first leg, they had drawn but in the second leg Mohan Bagan won with a huge difference.

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