This is the most embarrassing event of my career: Suzain

  • Mahmood's actions unacceptable

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 13-April-2017 | Thursday 23:08 | rushdhar | Sport | 1,533

Victory Sports Club Coach Ali Suzain -- Photo by: raajjemv

Victory Sports Club Coach Ali Suzain has stated that the actions on the pitch taken by his goalkeeper Mahmood Al-Yoosuf to delay the match was unacceptable, adding that this was the most embarrassing moment of his career so far. 

Suzain had apologized for the actions of his goalkeeper from both supporters. 

He said the accepted practice to treat goalkeepers was to remove them from the pitch if the injuries were more serious and needed futher medical care. However, he said he was extremely displeased as Mahmood was not changed even after he had fallen two times. Suzain said that this was a first in his career and that this was not a show. 

Adding that they were already at a three point advantage, Suzain dismissed his actions as unnecessary and dramatic. He noted that during Wednesday night's match he did not have the authority to dimiss players, a right he has as a coach. 

Suzain said that actions of this nature were increasing and called out on referees for their sloppy refereeing practices.

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