Raudha’s autopsy completed

  • Raudha was found dead on Wednesday
  • Autopsy completed on Friday

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Raudha Athif on Vogue India -- Photo by: Vogue India

Family of Raudha Athif reveals that a post mortem on her has been carried out.

The 20-year-old medical student, with the Islami Bank Medical College in Bangladesh, was found dead in her room on Wednesday.

Police Spokesperson Ahmed Shifan denied several media reports that the family had ruled out a post mortem. A family member posted on Friday on Facebook that her autopsy has been carried out.

Members of her family departed to Bangladesh Wednesday afternoon. Dhaka Tribune, quoting Bangladeshi Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Ifthihar Alam, reported that she had committed suicide due to depression.

Several theories on her death have circulated, but no official sources have confirmed if her death was a suicide or a homicide.

A tweet posted by Police on Thursday, said they were closely following the case, with a senior official of Police traveling to Bangladesh with the family. Police appealed to the public to respect the family’s privacy and provide support for the family.

Raajje.mv understands that Raudha’s mother is an officer at Maldives Police Service.

Foreign Ministry stated that the Maldivian Ambassador at Dhaka had traveled with the family to Rajshahi and providing all required assistance.

Though Bangladeshi police had called this a suicide, Raudha’s classmates had denied that Raudha was depressed or had any suicidal tendencies.


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