Fire destroys house in Villimalé

  • A house in Villimalé has been razed by a fire, Saturday morning
  • The fire was reported at around 02:00 am - rescue services quelled it an hour later

K. Male' | Shan Anees | 25-March-2017 | Saturday 13:26 | twitter | Local | 973

The fire was reported at around 02:00 am on Saturday -- Photo by: twitter

A house in Villimalé, a suburban extension of the capital city, has been razed by a fire on Saturday morning.

While the fire, which was reported at around 02:00 am, had razed two of three floors in the house, reportedly yet under-construction, none of the residents had been injured. The third requires renovation before its habitable again. 

Fire and Rescue officers managed to quell it an hour later.

The National Disaster Management had been assigned to provide temporary shelter for the residents displaced by the fire. Officers are investigating the source of the fire.

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