Green Streets' head coach, Sobah heads to Barca

  • Sobah left on Sunday morning for further practical training

K. Male' | Aishath Shaany | 13-March-2017 | Monday 23:15 | Shaaknee | Sport | 1,189

Sobah Mohamed -- Photo by: Green Street

Head coach of Club Green Streets, Sobah Mohamed has left to Barcelona, Spain for further practical training.

Sobah left on Sunday morning, to take part in a training program held by Barcelona’s TOVO Academy.

The practical training is sponsored by the club, who said that it had no doubt that the practical training “will enhance the ability of our coach to further improve and utilize the maximum capacity and input from [its] players.”

Club Green Streets further said that it looked forward to build its relationship with TOVO Academy “by inviting visiting coaches to give training to [its] first team squad and also to [the club’s] own academy players.”

Our focus and undivided dedication towards developing professional footballers in the Maldives and to provide our national talents with a platform to showcase and establish themselves in the international footballing world takes its first step today,” added Green Streets.

TOVO Academy’s training program consists of an academic examination based on the teachings of the academy and practical workshops and training sessions.

The TOVO Academy works to develop talent, "through football, academics and cultural immersion." The learner-based program uses "pattern recognition and geometric forms to simplify the complexity of the game and teach players the secrets to greater vision, precision and pace."

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