MDP HQ searched, banners removed

  • Court order says activities were planned which will defame visiting dignitaries
  • Banners protesting Faafu Atoll were removed from HQ
  • MDP flags, National flags removed

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 08-March-2017 | Wednesday 02:50 | rushdhar | Local | 1,969

Police raid into MDP HQ -- Photo by: raajjemv

Maldives Police Service on Tuesday evening raided the headquarters of MDP and removed banners and items used to make banners from the HQ.

Police had begun the raid Tuesday evening around 1730 hrs. The Court order said that the HQ was being searched on the suspicion that activities were being planned that would defame visiting dignitaries. The order said that any items of this nature will be seized.

The search had been carried out for 45 minutes by SO police officers. Several banners, bolts of cloth, stencils, colors and other materials were removed.

MDP Secretary General Anas Abdul Sattaar said that the banners had called out against the sale of Faafu Atoll. He assured that the names of any visiting dignitaries or nations were not on the banner. He said they had questioned on the reason for seizing the banners; a question unanswered by the Police.

Anas questioned why the banners were an issue, while the Government insisted that there was no sale of Faafu Atoll.

Police Spokesperson Ahmed Shifan reported to that the Court order was in effect and no other details can be revealed at the moment.

Anas added that planned MDP rallies and events will be carried out as planned, adding that MDP will remain steadfast in defending the rights of the public. He said MDP will remain committed to bringing in justice in spite of the many challenges posed by the Government.

Speaking to RTV on location, Vaikaradhoo Constituency MP Mohamed Nazim said that MDP campaign materials were removed as well. He said the reason for removing unprinted bolts was unknown. He said the conduct of Police in this case was extremely concerning to the public.

MDP HQ was searched after completely sealing off the area from traffic and bystanders.


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