Priyanka continues to show support for Sunee

  • Sunee's first tribute to Priyanka was released in 2013
  • She was bullied and harassed, and dubbed "Suniyanka"
  • Priyanka says Sunee makes her "heart skip"

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Suneetha with her idol, Priyanka Chopra -- Photo by: google

Bollywood idol, Priyanka Chopra has, once again, shown support for Suneetha Ali, her biggest fan.

The latest edition of GQ India features an exclusive on the Maldivian entertainer.

The article- titled Priyanka Chopra’s biggest fan went from being a fisherman’s daughter to Maldives’ most famous personality- talks about the various obstacles Suneetha faced in reaching her goals.

In a tweet sent out on Saturday, Priyanka said she is “so proud” of her biggest fan, adding that Suneetha makes her “heart skip.”

Dubbed “Suniyanka” for her support for the Bollywood actress, Suneetha was bullied online for the various “presents” she released for Priyanka, including video songs for Priyanka’s birthdays.

However, without letting the bullying break her spirit, Suneetha continued as she is.

Suneetha released her first video dedication to Priyanka in 2013; a six-minute tribute to the superstar. While she was mocked for the video, three days after its release, Priyanka shared the video from her official twitter handle, writing “I’m so touched.”

Suneetha has since met her idol numerous times, with the first time flying over to India, on Priyanka’s invitation, to meet her. When Priyanka arrived in the Maldives to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2015, both women got to share a moment on stage.

Suneetha's first meeting with her idol. Photo: Google

Suneetha told GQ magazine that the “game changed” from that moment on.

The Bollywood actress, who has been making waves in Hollywood, calls Suneetha "one of [her] rockstars."

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