MBA Cup: T-Rex beats Kings to become champions

  • The final match was held on Monday night

K. Male' | Aishath Shaany | 28-February-2017 | Tuesday 23:22 | Shaaknee | Sport | 923

The final match was held on Monday night -- Photo by: mihaaru

T-Rex BC beat King's BC on Monday, to become the champions of MBA Cup 2017.

T-Rex beat the newcomers to the league 88-75, in the finals held on Monday night.

Kings took the lead in the first quarter of the match, held at the indoor court of the Youth Center.

Despite being newcomer, the team is made of well-known players in the field, including former captain of Redline Club (RLC), Ahmed Zilaal, Afshan Rashad and Mohamed Firash.

T-Rex was able to take the lead in the second quarter, and was able to hold on to the lead till the end of the third quarter.

Both teams came out strong in the fourth quarter, but a number of Kings player were close to being fouled out, which slowed the team.

Both teams had played against each other earlier in the tournament as well, with T-Rex winning both games.

The top five players on the tournament are; Zilaal, Firash, Rishfan Rasheed and T-Rex's Zabeer and Ibrahim Naseem from The Bows.


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