Citizens to protest over Faafu Atoll sale

  • Second least populated atoll in the country
  • Protest on sea
  • All islands participating in strike

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 26-February-2017 | Sunday 16:17 | rushdhar | Local | 1,305

Faafu Atoll seen from a flight: the citizens of the Atoll are to protest the proposed sale of the Atoll -- Photo by: google

Citizens and concerned groups of Faafu Atoll have decided to hold a general protest over the proposed sale of the Atoll.

Faafu Atoll Council Vice President Umar Zahir said the protest will be carried out on Friday and will be held on vessels on open seas. He said the protest was being carried out to express their sentiments over the proposed sale and the lack of information provided to the public over the sale.

He said all the citizens of the Atoll will participate in the protest.

Umar said the former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb had communicated that Saudi royal family had expressed interest in the Atoll. However, he said then there was no talk of selling the entire atoll to the family.

President Yameen had also spoken in a manner that had signaled the imminent sale. He said the entire Atoll was comprised of small islands which cannot be developed.

Twenty-three islands make up the entire Atoll and is the second least populated Atoll in the country.

The main opposition Party MDP had begun an initiative to halt the progress of the sale.

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