STELCO ceases project for 16-megawatt power-plant in Malé

  • STELCO media official Abdulla Nazir said this to RaajjeMV on Tuesday

K. Male' | Shan Anees | 03-April-2019 | Wednesday 08:53 | twitter | Local | 424

The Industrial Village in capital city Malé -- Photo by: twitter

The State Electric Company (STELCO) has ceased its project to develop a 16-megawatt powerhouse in capital city Malé, RaajjeMV has learned.

STELCO media official Abdulla Nazir told RaajjeMV on Tuesday that the project to develop a power-plant and substation at Malé’s Industrial Village was ceased by government direction.

Nazir further said that any more information on the project is yet unavailable.

STELCO announced in January that it intends to have a 16-megawatt powerplant and a 131-kVA substation, and the project will soon be announced for tender.

While bid securities of MVR 500,000 had been announced, the project has not been followed through.

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