New Radiant suspension upheld, 11 clubs vote in favour

  • New Radiant has to settle outstanding salary payments of over MVR 3.8 million to their players
  • 11 out of 13 clubs at the FAM Ordinary Congress on Monday voted to keep the club in suspension
  • The club has said that their suspension is a personal move against them by FAM's leadership

K. Male' | Shan Anees | 25-March-2019 | Monday 12:41 | twitter | Sport | 592

New Radiant has been asked to settle outstanding salary payments to their players -- Photo by:

11 clubs out of 13 present at the Football Association of Maldives' (FAM) Ordinary Congress on Sunday has voted in favour of upholding New Radiant's suspension.

New Radiant was suspended by FAM's last year over financial disputes between the club and its players; the club has to pay over MVR 3.8 million in unpaid salaries to their players, for the period between August last year, and March, 2019. 

FAM's working committee said that the suspension, which keeps the club from competing in the upcoming season starting in June, will be lifted once all oustanding debts are paid in full. 

FIFA has also informed New Radiant that it must settle a sum of USD 33,000 to former coach Bernado Tavarez, with whom the club prematurely terminated its contract. 

New Radiant has said that the suspension is a prejudiced decision taken by FAM's leadership, on no substantial basis. 

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