Mohan Bagan tactics familiar, can win: Fesco

  • Valencia can defeat Mohan Bagan
  • Easier if away match can be played first

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 21-February-2017 | Tuesday 03:34 | rushdhar | Sport | 783

Fesco speaking in the press conference for AFC Cup Playoffs -- Photo by: Mohamed Sharuhaan

Valencia Coach Ahmed Mujthaba (Fesco) says that his side is more than capable of beating India’s Mohan Bagan in the AFC Cup playoff stage.

Speaking in the press conference held prior to the match, Fesco said Valencia was familiar with their rival’s tactics and game play. He noted that Mohan Bagan had rested most of their key players. Fesco added that this did not have any impact on Valencia, as they intended to show the difference on the pitch.

“We’ll show the difference on pitch. This is the real Mohan Bagan, even though missing some key players. It’s not a new story that Indian teams first 11 do not travel,” he said.

Fesco said that he had analyzed their opponents, clearly learnt their tactics in the past few days. He said that Valencia was more than capable of battling against them and winning. Fesco agreed that Valencia had not been able to perform up to par, as evident from the Charity Shield match. He said if the team brings that performance, the result will be impacted.

Fesco added that playing the away match first would have benefited the team more but that it was not a disadvantage. If they were able to play away first, Fesco said they would be able to gather more information on their opponents.

Valencia will face Mohan Bagan Tuesday evening at 1600 hrs local time.

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