Promising TC midfielder signs onto Maziya

  • He signed for a tenure of three years
  • He showed exemplary performance during the previous season
  • Four players in Maziya have left the club before the commencing season

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 03-March-2019 | Sunday 14:01 | zunana | Sport | 490

Promising midfielder Ibrahim Waheed Hassan -- Photo by: Maziya Sports Club

Promising TC Sports Club midfielder Ibrahim Waheed Hassan has left the club and signed onto Maziya Sports and Recreation Club.

Ibrahim, who showed an exemplary performance during his time as a midfielder in TC, signed onto Maziya for three years.

Native to Haa Dhaal Nolhivaram, Ibrahim was behind many successes of TC in the last season. He scored several goals and was one of the most celebrated players in the SAFF Suzuki Cup 2018.

Alongside Ibrahim, two other players are expected to sign onto Maziya soon, including Ibrahim Mahudhee, who played for TC in the last season, and Hamza Mohamed.

So far, four Maziya players have left the club. They are Sammaam Qasim, Yasfad Habeeb, Ahmed Imaz and Ismail Eesa.

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