BML opens new Contact Centre in Addu

  • BML has 31 branches across all 20 atolls
  • The new Contact Centre was opened in Hithadhoo
  • CEO Andrew Healy says that customer service is their “strategic pillar"

K. Male' | Aishath Shaany | 19-February-2017 | Sunday 22:47 | Shaaknee | Business | 2,065

BML's CEO, Andrew Healy opens the new contact center in Addu City -- Photo by: BML

Bank of Maldives (BML) opened a new Contact Centre in Addu City on Sunday.

The expanded new Contact Centre, which was previously located in the Bank’s official premises, was opened in Hithadhoo.

According to BML, the staff resources in the centre “will increase significantly in order to meet the high service expectations of its growing customers.”

BML’s CEO Andrew Healy, who was at the inauguration ceremony of the new contact centre in Addu City, emphasized the “critical role” the staff play in supporting customers.

Noting that BML has over 270,000 customers, Healy said that customer service is their “strategic pillar,” adding that there is room to improve.

He said that even though they encourage customers to use its online technology, and that it is important that the customers “have the option to engage directly” with the staff.

We have been making a number of investments to enhance the quality of service we provide and this new contact centre, with its well-trained customer-focused staff, will ensure we give our customers the support they deserve,” said Healy.

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