Boat sinks near Innamaadhoo after collision

  • The boat collided a little after 12pm on Wednesday
  • No injuries reported

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 27-February-2019 | Wednesday 21:57 | zunana | Local | 452

Boat on the verge of sinking in Innamaadhoo -- Photo by: Reader

A boat carrying supplies has begun sinking near Innamaadhoo island after having crashed into the base of the island’s lighthouse.

RaajjeMV understands that the front of the boat is completely damaged and that the boat is slowly submerging underwater.

No injuries had been reported in the incident, which occurred at 12:15 pm on Wednesday. All onboard the boat were taken back to land with the help of island residents.

Some of the supplies onboard include staple food items, steel, rocks and dried food items.

Residents are currently working to refloat the vessel after having vacated the supplies inside.

RaajjeMV also understands that the Maldives National Defense Force Northern Area Coastguard is active in the area.

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