MBC Championship: Stingers BC beats T-Rex on Sunday

  • Stingers led with 72 points, T-Rex fell behind with 66
  • Stingers took the lead in the third quarter of the match

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 18-February-2019 | Monday 17:15 | zunana | Sport | 576

Stingers vs T-Rex -- Photo by: Half Court Maldives

Stingers BC has won the match against T-Rex sports club in the MBA Championship match on Sunday.

Stingers beat the National Basket League champions with 72 points to 66 points.

During the first two quarters of the match, T-Rex had taken the lead, however, the Stingers had taken the lead in the third quarter, beating T-Rex with a large difference.

The first quarter saw T-Rex scoring 16 points while Stingers followed behind with 13 and the second quarter saw T-Rex scoring 18 with the Stingers having scored 16 points.

However, with an exceptional improvement, Stingers took the lead with 22 points while T-Rex scored 19.

Although both teams got equal opportunities to score, they had not used the opportunities.

Best Player of the match was awarded to Hussain Haleem from T-Rex.

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