Maldives to create more opportunity for cricketers

  • Maldivian Players Need proper training
  • President will help to create opportunities

K. Male' | Miuna Hassan | 16-February-2019 | Saturday 11:18 | @miuna_hassan | Sport | 1,950

President Solih batting in Maldives' match against India -- Photo by: Presidents Office

The government is working to create better opportunities for local cricketers, says President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. 

While talking to media after a match organized by Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Development, in collaboration with the Indian Embassy and cricket Board of Maldives, President Solih said that he has seen the potential of Maldivian players and their skills.

Further, he said that he believes that Maldivian cricketers could do so much better with proper and professional practices. He also said, local players need more friendly matches with such experienced countries like India.

President Solih added that his administration will help to create opportunities in future where Maldivian players can play in Maldives with foreign international teams.

In conclusion President Solih said that he believes that Maldives can also achieve international titles from cricket.

This event was organized in the name of “Maldives India Cricket Series”. President Solih and his deputy Faisal Naseem took part in the game along with retired experienced cricketers in the country.

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