Diesel prices steepen with upsurge in international market

  • A litre is available for MVR 10.89
  • This was the result of an increase in price in the international market
  • Previous price was MVR 9.99

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 10-February-2019 | Sunday 09:16 | zunana | Business | 766

FSM Petrol Shed -- Photo by: sun

Stating Trading Organization (STO) has increased its diesel prices following an upsurge in the international market.

A tweet posted on Saturday states that the price hike follows an increase in prices in the international market and that the price revision is effective from Sunday onward.

The price of a liter of diesel has been increased by 90 laari. As such, while a liter of diesel was MVR 9.99, it is now MVR 10.89.

The last revision to petrol and diesel prices was brought on January. Back then, a price reduction of MVR two had been implemented.

While the Ministry of Economic Development had publicized the amendment brought to the import export bill in the government gazette in early December, the amendment in question, states that petrol and diesel stations may be kept open 24 hours a day.

However, petrol sheds need to have the required authorization to operate for 24 hours.

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