Dengue spreading at alarming rate in Feeali island

  • About 30 patients a day have sought treatment for these symptoms
  • 10 children have been diagnosed with dengue

K. Male' | Shan Anees | 08-February-2019 | Friday 10:18 | twitter | Local | 596

The health center in Faafu atoll -- Photo by: RaajjeMV

The Feeali island in Faafu atoll has reported an alarming rate of dengue spreading there.

Abdulla Zaeem, head of the island’s health center, said that this rise in patients with symptoms of fever and flu was first observed over a week ago.

Zaeem said that during this time, about 30 patients a day have sought treatment for these symptoms, while 10 children have tested positive for dengue. 

Feeali island has a population of 1,240, although it only has one doctor and three nurses at the health center. 

There has been a national rise in dengue cases, and the central government is taking steps to curb it.

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