Eternal Picture's releases "Lasviyas" teaser

  • This is well-known director, Tedry's second feature movie
  • Teaser features Zoya, the daughter of award-winning actress, Niuma Mohamed
  • The movie features a number of newcomers, says director

K. Male' | Aishath Shaany | 16-February-2017 | Thursday 01:13 | Shaaknee | Entertainment | 2,112

'Lasviyas' is to be launched in March -- Photo by: youtube

Eternal Pictures has released the teaser for its latest project, "Lasviyas."

The film, directed by Mohamed "Tedry" Niyaz, is based on an original screenplay.

While the teaser does not reveal much about the movie, it features Zoya Hassan Ibrahim, the daughter of award-winning actress, Niuma Mohamed.

In the 57-second teaser, she is seen sitting on a chair, donning a red jacket and hoodie.

Following her mother's footsteps, it looks like the girl's head is shaved as well. Niuma had, in one of her most iconic roles in the movie 'Niuma', shaved her head for the role as well.

Speaking on the movie, Tedry said that the movie will feature a number of newcomers.

While Tedry has not revealed anything about the movie, there is speculation that "Lasviyas" could be a horror movie, with some even believing that Zoya plays an alien in the film.

The movie is to be launched in March.


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