Mohamed Shaafy appointed as VAM Marketing, Promotion Director

  • Colonel removed from VAM ExCo
  • Difference of opinion between VAM President, Vice President
  • Sharaf appointed as Head Coach at Men’s Volley Team

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 09-February-2017 | Thursday 05:04 | rushdhar | Sport | 859

Mohamed Shaafy -- -- Photo by: twitter

Popular photographer Mohamed Shaafy has been appointed as the Marketing and Promotion Director at Volleyball Association of Maldives (VAM).

VAM President Mohamed Latheef had confirmed the appointment to Shaafee had previously served as General Secretary of VAM.

Shaafy was instrumental in organizing the FIVB World Women’s Championship Central Zone Qualifying Tournament.

Many changes had been brought into VAM positions. As such, Mohamed Sharaf had been appointed as Head Coach of the Men’s Team, with Mohamed Sajid as Assistant.

Mohamed Nasheed (Colonel) had been dismissed from VAM Executive Committee, with serious difference of opinions between President Latheef and Vice President Izzath. Rumors have surfaced that many decisions had been made without a meeting of the Executive Committee meeting. However, Latheef had denied these rumors.

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