Tickets for "Malika" go on sale,

  • The movie set to be released on March 2
  • A special screening is to be held on March 1
  • Premiere day tickets for MVR 200

K. Male' | Aishath Shaany | 07-February-2017 | Tuesday 20:22 | Shaaknee | Entertainment | 3,065

Malika is based on a story by Binma Ibrahim Waheed -- Photo by: Azmoon Ahmed

Tickets for the movie "Malika" went on sale last week, with the movie set to be released on March 2.

Film's Head of Marketing, Hussain Nooradeen told RaajjeMV that the movie premiere will be on March 2, but that a special screening of the movie will be held a day prior, on March 1.

The first tickets of the movie are to be issued to those who had "done the online-booking."

Malika is to be shown at Olympus Theatre from March 1 to March 20.

Tickets for the premiere show is MVR 200, while the tickets for the rest of the shows will be MVR 100.

The movie, produced by Ahmed "Mallaa" Nasir and Ibrahim "Ibbe" Rasheed is based on a story by "Binma" Ibrahim Waheed. 

Nuzuhath Shuaib, who stars in the movie, makes her debut in to the industry, with stars such as Mariyam Shakeela, Ismail Zahir, Ali Farooq, Ahmed Asim, Fathimath Azifa, Jumayyil Nimal and more making appearances in the movie.


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