Imran to captain NRSC this season

  • He was given the captain's arm band at a charity match on Saturday
  • Imran retired from international football in October 2016
  • There are reports that Ashfaq might sign with NRSC too

K. Male' | Aishath Shaany | 06-February-2017 | Monday 08:56 | Shaaknee | Sport | 1,084

Imran Abdulla recently retired from international football -- Photo by: raajjemv

Goalkeeper Imran Mohamed has been chosen as the captain of New Radiant Sports Club (NRSC).

He was given the captain's arm-band, by NRSC's chairman Colonel (Rtd.) Mohamed Ziyad, at a charity football match held on Saturday evening.

The handover was held prior to the match, which was held at the Maafannu Stadium.

Imran joined NRSC for the upcoming football season, after signing a one-year contract with them. He retired from international football in October 2016; after 17 years and 111 matches.

In addition to Imran, the team, in its efforts to strengthen its squad, has signed a number of national team players, and notable players from the league; including TC's Ali "Sentey" Fasir and Mohamed "Lily" Abdulla, Valencia's Akram Abdulla, and more. They have also brought in a number of foreign players. 

It has been reported that football icon, and best player in the country, Ali Ashfaq is in talks with NRSC, but neither has confirmed it. 

In a tweet out in early January, Ashfaq said that he had not chosen a club to play next, bit that he is "currently negotiating with a few clubs." He is yet to reveal a decision.


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