Sheesha launches, begins online services

  • Service applications can be sent via new website

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 03-February-2017 | Friday 20:14 | rushdhar | Business | 9,403

Sheesha website -- Photo by: raajjemv

Sheesha, sole distributor for Honda products in the Maldives, has launched their website (click here to visit ) and announced online services.

The website was launched by Sheesha Board Members Hussain Manik, Ibrahim Husham and Hussain Husham in a ceremony held in Champa Central Hotel Sunday night.

With the introduction of the new website, clients can access product information for the whole product range, as well as information on installment schemes for cycle purchase. The website also gives clients the option to compare cycles and individual installment schemes. Clients can also book cycle service times and dates via the website.

Sheesha said the new website will allow customers mobility and accessibility in service provision, without having to go to Sheesha head office.

Sheesha was founded and established on November 3, 1987, as a shop importing garments.

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