"Amanaaiy" coming back to the big screen

  • Was released in 1998
  • The movies has won 12 National Film Awards
  • Produced by Mohamed "Tedry" Niyaz

K. Male' | Aishath Shaany | 03-February-2017 | Friday 15:54 | Shaaknee | Entertainment | 5,411

Jamsheedha Ahmed, lead actress in Amaanaaiy -- Photo by: google

19 years after its release, dhivehi film "Amaanaiy" is coming back to the big screen.

The film's producer, Mohamed "Tedry" Niyaz told us that the film will be shown at the Olympus Theater on February 14.

The movie, a drama, was originaly released on February 14, 1998.

Tickets were sold at the end of January, while it is scheduled to be shown for five nights.

The Eternal Picture's movie has won 12 national film awards, and arguably is one of the best films from the Maldivian film industry.

"We decided to do screenings of the movie due to the demand from supporters and fans," said Tedry.

The team had attempted to have a screening of the movie last year as well, but was unable to as they were unable to book the Olympus Theatre.

Tedry informed that they will also be showing the movie in the atolls as well.

The drama features the well-known actors in the local acting scene, Ali Khalid, Jamsheeda Ahmed and Fathimath Rameeza, and the storyline of the movie is a adapted from the Bollywood movie "Mausoom."


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