Poise: The name heard all over the country

  • Opened in 2009
  • First shop to open in Raihdhebai Magu
  • Provides its services throughout the country
  • Slogan: Perfume for Everyone

K. Male' | Aishath Shaany | 03-February-2017 | Friday 03:37 | Shaaknee | Report | 4,879

Poise Logo -- Photo by: raajjemv

Perfumery has always been a part of the Maldivian culture. Just as the times have changed, the scene has caught up with the rest of the world.

We also desire the perfume that can be found in the most beautiful bottle, the biggest brands. The first we check when purchasing perfume is whether it is original or not, and whether the price of the bottle fits our budget.

As soon as the right smell hits our noses, you pick it off the shelf and take it with us. Perfume shops are abundant in the Maldives. However, Poise is notably the best of the kind.

Poise was opened on September 9, 2009, with the aim to provide “perfume for everyone”. The first shop to open in Raihdhebai Magu, both as whole sale and retail provider.

The small step they took that day, has turned in to a giant business; they now are capable of providing stock to over 1,000 smaller business outlets. It has become the place where you can get the best brand of perfume, at the best price.

Its goal is to continue providing their services to the public; the best perfumes, the best brands at the best price.

Poise carries out various promotions through the year, with the use of its retail customers throughout the country. Its customers get giddy about such promotions, worth countless prizes.

  • The place is also known for its versatility, providing perfumes suitable for all ages and both genders.

We can now get the latest perfumes from the biggest brands in the world at Poise. Its shelves are filed with big branded perfumes; such as Hot Ice, Aries, World Paris Valley perfumes and more.

  • Fragrance is such a big part in our culture that deodorant and body mists are common here as well.

The shop that opened up as a mere retail shop over seven years ago, has become the country’s most well-known and reliable retailers in the country.

It has since opened up a showroom on the busiest road in the capital Male’ City, where you can easily do business. It takes pride in the fact that it is able to provide the service throughout the country.

Poise said its biggest goal is to take its perfumes all the way from the north to south, under its “Perfume for Everyone” slogan.

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