President Yameen must apologize to the people before stepping down: Dr. Iyaz

  • 'It is important to apologize to the citizens before resigning from Presidency'
  • Dr. Iyaz is one of the scholars who have been vocal critics of President Yameen's administration

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 30-September-2018 | Sunday 07:47 | zunana | Local | 894

Religious scholar Dr. Mohamed Iyaz -- Photo by: raajjemv

If outgoing President Abdulla Yameen is as bold as he claims to be, he would apologize to the citizens, says prominent Islamic scholar Dr. Mohamed Iyaz.

Dr. Iyaz took to twitter on Saturday afternoon, typing out a tweet in Dhivehi that translates that many people have been subject to President Yameen’s tyranny and have gotten irreparable damages and losses during his autocratic tenure.

As such, Dr. Iyaz said that President Yameen owes the people an apology for the many things he had done, before stepping down from office.

“This is something the President will do if he had the guts”.

Dr. Iyaz, who is also included in the scholars committee of Adhaalath Party, is one of the religious scholars in the country who have publicly repealed their support for President Yameen and has been a vocal critic of him.

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