170،000 votes guaranteed to Solih: Mariya

  • 'These individuals had guaranteed their vote for opposition candidate'
  • 'Solih has signed the voter's registry'
  • 'There weren't any major issues with the voter's list submitted by the EC'

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 12-September-2018 | Wednesday 18:30 | zunana | Local | 1,138

Solih's spokesperson, MP Mariya Ahmed Didi -- Photo by: Archive

Joint Opposition coalition’s candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s spokesperson and Member of Parliament for North-Mahchangoalhi constituency Mariya Ahmed Didi has revealed that 170،000 votes have been guaranteed to Solih, candidate two, for the September election.

Speaking at a press conference held on Wednesday, MP Mariya said that 170,000 out of the eligible voters for the Presidential Election slated for the 23rd of September have given their guarantee to cast their votes for Solih.

“We have conducted door-to-door campaigns, we have talked to citizens, through call centers and such, and we have guaranteed the votes of 170,000 eligible voters. These are the people who have assured us and given us their guarantee that they will vote for our candidate, Solih” said Mariya.

Moreover, the spokesperson said that Solih has finished signing the final voter’s registry on Wednesday, adding that there were not major issues with the list. However, Mariya stated that it has been revealed that ruling Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM)’s candidate President Abdulla Yameen had signed only the last page of the voter’s registry whereas Solih had signed all of the pages of the registry.

The lawmaker also expressed the opposition’s concern that a copy of the signed list was not given to Solih and his representative, going on to express hope that the same list will be used in polling stations across the country on the day of the election, slated for 23rd September.

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