Ruling party lawmaker says former VP Adeeb 'has lost his mind in prison'

  • Adeeb, on Tuesday released a statememt with fresh allegations against President Yameen and MP Latheef
  • While Adeeb accused Yameen and Latheef of being involved in black magic, the lawmaker denied it
  • Adeeb was arrested in 2015, and has since been diagnosed with Glaucoma, internal cysts and kidney stones

K. Male' | Aishath Shaany | 12-September-2018 | Wednesday 09:42 | Shaaknee | Local | 1,566

Faresmaathodaa constituency MP Hussain Mohamed Latheef -- Photo by: Archive

Faresmaathodaa constituency MP Hussain Mohamed Latheef has said that jailed former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb ‘has lost his mind’ in prison.

His comment comes hours after Adeeb issued a press statement, with fresh allegations against incumbent President Abdulla Yameen and MP Latheef.

Adeeb accused the president of using black magic, adding that the ruling party MP had been ‘heavily’ involved as well.

Latheef denied the allegation, calling it ‘a blatant lie’.

He said that Adeeb ‘has now begun slandering individuals’ as he has lost political credibility, adding that slander ‘has become the norm’.

RaajjeMV was unable to acquire a comment on the matter from the president’s side as his spokesperson failed to answer our calls at the time of publishing.

While MP Latheef has said that former VP Adeeb has lost his mind, his family has been working to take him abroad for medical treatment. However, authorities have refused to allow him to travel, claiming that he is a flight risk.

He has been diagnosed with Glaucoma, internal cysts and kidney stones since his incarceration in 2015 on multiple charges of terrorism and corruption. He has since been jailed to over 33 years, with additional cases remaining.

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