Opposition-led government will connect Dhiyamigili and Medhufushi islands: Faisal

  • Will bring a solution to the erosion issue in Dhiyamigili
  • Road development projects will be carried out
  • Naseem is currently on a campaign tour across Thaa atoll

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 11-September-2018 | Tuesday 15:24 | zunana | Local | 670

Faisal Naseem in Dhiyamigili -- Photo by: Raajjemv

Faisal Naseem, the vice-presidential candidate from the Joint opposition parties for the September election, has pledged to connect Dhiyamigili and Medhufushi islands in Thaa atoll during the opposition’s tenure.

Speaking to residents of Dhiyamigili on Tuesday, he said that a unity government led by the opposition coalition Presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will connect the island with Medhufushi, an uninhabited island, which will solve the issue of lack of land.

Also stressing that land erosion is one of the biggest problems residents face, Faisal pledged to bring a solution to the matter during Solih’s tenure, further pledging to develop the roads of the island.

Residents of Dhiyamigili, with a populace of about a 1,000, had given a warm welcome to the opposition’s vice-presidential candidate and his team upon their arrival on Tuesday.

Faisal Naseem's arrival in Dhiyamigili

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