The nation will plunge into slavery if President Yameen is elected for a second term: Qasim

  • 'Nobody wants slavery'
  • 'Justice will be served in a government led by Solih'
  • 'There is zero transparency regarding the presidential elections'

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 09-September-2018 | Sunday 14:18 | zunana | Local | 1,500

JP leader Qasim Ibrahim -- Photo by: Mohamed Sharuhaan

Jumhooree Party leader Qasim Ibrahim has said that the whole nation would be enslaved if President Yameen were to be elected for a second term.

Speaking at the mass Joint Opposition event on Saturday night, Qasim said there is no transparency regarding the upcoming presidential elections and that noone believes it is going to be free or fair.

"Even if it is about the re-registration procedure, or about ID cards. All we hear is corruption within the entire process” said Qasim.

Highlighting that a vote for the Joint Opposition's presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is a vote for a change, the self-exiled opposition leader, said that a government led by the opposition will ensure justice is served to all who have been wronged.

Also speaking to attendees, Qasim’s wife and JP council member Aishath Nahula said that Maldivians do not want development at the cost of incurring huge amounts of debt.

Nahula speaking at the gathering on Saturday night

“Tonight’s gathering shows us that citizens will bring an end to this tyranny on the 23rd of September” said Nahula.

Nahula also said that the current government is carrying out development projects only to deceive and mislead the citizens.

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