Solih is the reason for opposition parties remaining united for three years: Mariya

  • 'It is important that everyone votes for candidate number two for a change'
  • 'Solih assures the citizens of free education'
  • 'Flats will be allocated under set procedure'

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 09-September-2018 | Sunday 08:14 | zunana | Local | 1,254

Mariya speaking at the gathering held on Saturday night -- Photo by: Mohamed Sharuhaan

Spokesperson for the Joint Opposition coalition’s Presidential candidate, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Member of Parliament for North-Mahchangoalhi constituency Mariya Ahmed Didi has said that Solih is the reason the joint opposition parties have stayed united for the past three years.

Speaking at the first opposition gathering in capital Male' City since 2015, Mariya stated that citizens needs and requirements will be fulfilled under a set procedure during a unity government led by the opposition candidate.

As such, Mariya noted that flat distribution will not be under a specific list made by a particular office.

The MP further highlighted that Solih has assured the citizens of free education, and that the citizens need not beg plead with the government for the medical treatments they require, during Solih’s tenure.

“Solih pledged to citizens to eliminate fear and slavery during his tenure. He has pledged to ensure a work environment safe and practical for employees with different political leanings” said Mariya.

The spokesperson highlighted that Solih was the leading figure in convincing lawmakers to pass a bill on taxes during the Nasheed administration, although then Parliament had a minority of parliamentarians representing the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).


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