Maamendhoo councilors removed from meet and greet session with president

  • Council members had partaken in the inauguration of the sewerage system in the island
  • No reason was stated as to why the council members were pushed back from the area
  • President Yameen departed on a campaign tour across Laamu atoll on Saturday morning

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 08-September-2018 | Saturday 16:43 | zunana | Local | 1,068

Council members of Laamu atoll Maamendhoo island -- Photo by: RaajjeMV

Laamu atoll Maamendhoo island council members removed from the meet and greet with President Abdulla Yameen during his campaign visit to the island. 

Maamendhoo council's vice president Hussain Habeeb told RaajjeMV that he had gone to the harbor area to welcome the president upon his arrival with two other council members, with nothing but sincere hospitality in their hearts for the incumbent president.

According to Habeeb, they had greeted the President and partaken in the inauguration of the sewerage system in the country in which President Yameen also partook. However, the council members had been asked to leave when President Yameen had gone to meet and greet with the residents of the island.

“We went to greet the President in yellow ties. He is not the President of a particular party, he Is the President of the Maldives. We believe this was a disrespectful act, because we were treated this way since we represent the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party. They pushed us back and told us that we will not be allowed inside without giving us a valid reason as to why we could not partake in the President’s meet and greet. They told us that we were only needed for the inauguration of the sewer system. They pushed us back from a meet and greet with residents, are we not residents of the island as well?” posed Habeeb.

The Vice President of the island council further said that President Yameen’s sincerity has been questioned now that he has treated the council members in this manner, because they represent the opposition party.

Habeeb added that although President Yameen treats opposition supporters in such manners, he does not have the support and love of Maamendhoo residents and that the validity of the meet and greet with residents in absence of the island’s council members, has been questioned.

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