Detached from the government because they're far beyond the legal ambit now: MP Fazad

  • The MP had called on citizens to rise above fear and step forth to cast their votes for candidate Solih
  • Nihan confirmed that PPM's disciplinary committee has received the request to expel the MP from the party
  • 'Have been involved in reform efforts for a long time now, even though I hadn't joined the opposition coalition'

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 06-September-2018 | Thursday 03:33 | zunana | Local | 810

MP Ali Fazad -- Photo by: Raajjemv

Member of Parliament for mid-Fuvahmulah Ali Fazad has said that he had detached himself from the current administration because it had stepped out of the legal ambit and begun deceiving citizens.

Speaking at a campaign gathering held in Haa Alif atoll Hoarafushi island by the Joint Opposition coalition late Wednesday evening, MP Fazad stated that he had been involved in reform efforts for a long time now, even though he had not joined the opposition coalition.

“Several people are asking me why I joined the opposition coalition. My response is that the nation is bigger than our political party. The government’s tyranny and injustice has now gone beyond the limit and the government is far beyond the legal ambit” said the MP.

Calling on all of the youth to join with the opposition coalition in their reform movement, Fazad said that there is no other government than the current one in recent history, to have deceived the people so much, going on to assert that the administration failed to keep up most of it’s promises to the citizens.

“Youth expected a sports arena from the government like it had pledged, but what they got was a futsal field” said MP Fazad.

Fazad further stressed that several anti-government employees are being sacked from their posts for their political leanings, however, he called on President Yameen to refrain from garnering votes by threatening the citizens.

The MP had called on citizens to rise above fear, step forth and to cast their votes for opposition candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Earlier on Wednesday, PPM Parliamentary Group leader Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik had announced that they were looking into the matter of Fazad joining the joint opposition coalition campaign activities with it’s disciplinary committee having received the request to expel MP Fazad, who is the party’s parliamentary group member.

RaajjeMV also understands that Fazad has since been removed from the party’s Viber group and other messaging groups following his failure to pick up phone calls and since he ignored repeated advice against joining the opposition campaign acitivites.

Fazad was seen participating in the opening of the Joint Opposition campaign site in Male’ on Tuesday night and is accompanying Joint Opposition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in his campaign trip to Haa Alif atoll who had now received backing from two of the three MPs representing the Fuvahmulah constituencies, including from former PPM member and North-Fuvahmulah MP Ali Shah, who has been working with the opposition for over a year.

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