Telecom giant to broadcast SAFF Suzuki Cup 2018 live on DhiraaguTV

  • SAFF Championship may be streamed through DhiraaguTV as well as the mobile app
  • Matches may be streamed by entering the pass code "play"
  • The championship began on the 04th of September

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 05-September-2018 | Wednesday 21:19 | zunana | Sport | 2,014

SAFF Championship 2018 live on DhiraaguTV app -- Photo by: Dhiraagu

Local telecommunications giant Dhiraagu is to broadcast the most prestigious football competition in Southeast Asia that the Maldives partakes in, SAFF Suzuki Cup 2018, through its Dhiraagu TV and mobile streaming.

Dhiraagu announced that the competition, which began on Tuesday will be broadcast on Channel 106 of DhiraaguTV “Dhi Sports”. Users may enter the pass code “play” to stream matches of the Suzuki Cup through the mobile application of DhiraaguTV.

According to Dhiraagu, they are working to bring news and entertainment to the general public through the latest technology at convenient and affordable prices. As such, DhiraaguTV’s introductory package which comes with a range of more than 60 channels, costs MVR 300 per month. While the channel carries over 60 channels, some of them include channels that come with 4k resolution.

While the championship is being held in Bangladesh, it began on Tuesday and Maldives is scheduled to kick start its first match on Friday against neighboring Sri Lanka and compete against neighboring India afterwards.

Following the group stage, only the top teams will proceed to the semi-finals. Maldives had beat India and taken home the title in 2008.

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