UK Ambassador visits RaajjeTV

  • Ambassador Dauris visited RaajjeTV on Monday evening
  • He met with RaajjeTV staff and took a tour around the station
  • He also gave a special TV interview

K. Male' | Humaam Ali | 03-September-2018 | Monday 21:37 | HumaamAli | Local | 554

UK Ambassador James Dauris receives a flower bouquet during his visit to RaajjeTV -- Photo by: Hawwa Mohamed

James Dauris, UK’s ambassador to the Maldives and Sri Lanka, has visited RaajjeTV.

Ambassador Dauris received a warm welcome upon his visit to the TV station on Monday evening.

The Ambassador also gave a special interview after taking a tour inside the TV station and meeting the staff.

Former US Ambassador Atul Keshap had also visited RaajjeTV before leaving Maldives after the end of his term.

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