Solih expresses gratitude to police officers for providing security during campaign trip

  • Solih began the four-day campaign trip on Friday
  • SO officers had also been active in ensuring security in islands
  • About 30 officers arrived in islands before Solih to ensure safety

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 03-September-2018 | Monday 20:24 | zunana | Local | 1,066

Opposition Presidential candidate Solih in Hoandeddhoo -- Photo by: Avas

Joint Opposition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has expressed his gratitude to police officers for providing security during their campaign tour across Huvadhu atoll.

Solih has concluded his trip to 18 islands of Huvadhu atoll on Monday, his last stop being in Madaveli.

Speaking to residents of Madaveli and Villingili at campaign gatherings, Solih commended the officers that carried out their duties in providing security for Presidential candidates.

RaajjeMV understands that about 30 officers, including those in the special operations unit, were active in ensuring security during Solih's tour in Huvadhu. These officers travelled to the islands before Solih’s arrival and taken security measures such as vacating campaign sites of the ruling party as well as cordoning-off some roads.

Solih and team departed on their four-day campaign trip on Friday and visited 9 islands from Gaaf Alif atoll and 9 islands from Gaaf Dhaalu atoll.

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