Police launch manhunt for four wanted in civil court case

  • Individuals asked to contact Police Custodial Department with information
  • Three of the individuals are from S Hithadhoo island and one from R Inguraidhoo
  • The four are being located to be presented to court in regards to a debt settlement case

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 02-September-2018 | Sunday 15:01 | zunana | Local | 884

Police issued a notice to locate four individuals -- Photo by: police

The police service has launched a manhunt for four individuals to be presented to Civil Court.

The police are searching for Ahmed Shareef, 47, Moosa Munthasim, 28, and Abdulla Aneel, 31, who are natives of S. Hithadhoo, as well as Ahmed Samid, 37, native to R. Inguraidhoo.

Ahmed Shareef is needed for a debt settlement case at Civil Court is to be summoned to court on Monday morning.

Ahmed Samid is also needed for a debt settlement case is to to be summoned on Monday.

Moosa Munthasim is needed for a different case and is to be presented to court on Tuesday morning. Abdulla Aneel is also to be summoned on Tuesday morning.

The police service has asked the public to contact their custodial department through 9991442 if they have any information.

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