Kondey council president joins MDP, along with some state employees

  • Among those who signed include state employees
  • A businessman in the island also signed onto MDP
  • Solih is currently on a tour across Huvadhu atoll

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 02-September-2018 | Sunday 11:33 | zunana | Local | 686

Solih in Kondey island of Gaaf Alif atoll -- Photo by: Raajjemv

Council President of Kondey Island of Gaaf Alif atoll, Ahmed Abdul Hakeem has signed onto the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) on Sunday.

Hakeem signed onto MDP at a special ceremony held in the island upon Solih’s arrival as part of his campaign tour of Gaaf Alif and Gaaf Dhaalu atolls. He was elected to the council as an indepedent member.

In addition, some prominent figures from the island had signed to the party as well, including businessmen and employees of state offices.

Solih greets residents of Kondey island

Among the senior members who also signed onto MDP on Sunday include Ahmed Nazmeen, representative of Gemanafushi island in Gaafu Alifu atoll council. 

Solih's campaign tour across Huvadhu atoll started on Friday. The opposition campaign team has covered most of the Maldives as part of their campaign trips thus far.

Solih greets residents of Kondey island

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